The process of submitting drafts:
  • When you have completed your assignment to the best of your ability, you may email a draft. If you wish to submit an incomplete draft (eg one paragraph to check you're on track), you may do so, but it is not recommended and the incomplete draft must also be completed to the best of your ability.
  • Your draft will be returned to you when practical. Drafts are done in the order they are received, and done on top of my normal full time workload. Do not ask where your draft is, and do not phrase that more subtly in the, "Did you get my draft?" question.
  • You must apply all feedback, and you must do more of your own work. You cannot submit more than two drafts, and you cannot submit a second draft within 24 hours of the previous draft being returned.

The purposes of submitting drafts:
  • To check you have not misinterpreted / confused any task requirements, because any such errors could significantly affect your level of achievement.
  • To examine the quality of your work and suggest ways in which you can improve its quality.

While I know what you want to hear is, "Wow, that's fantastic! I'm impressed. I'm going to keep this piece as an example for future students for years to come." you are not going to hear that for a number of reasons:
  • Teaching is an extremely busy job, and drafting Year 12 work is an incredibly time consuming process. I don't have time for the warm fuzzies, just the practical help.

The draft due date:
  • This is the date by which you should have submitted a first draft. NOT THE DATE EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU SUBMIT A DRAFT AND EXPECT IT BACK ANY TIME SOON! If you have not submitted a draft by this date, this should be an alarm bell for you. Are you behind?
  • Drafts will be accepted after this date, but I will only skim over them looking for any major problems.
  • Drafts will not be accepted two school days before a due date.

  • When you get feedback be happy that you have a teacher who is willing to accept drafts, takes your work and your success seriously, and who wants to help you as much as possible. Having a teacher draft your work is a privilege, not a right.
  • Lots of feedback means nothing in terms of what mark you will receive. If it looks like you will fail, I will personally take you aside and explain why you are in danger of failing and what you need to do to prevent that. If we don't have that one and one conversation, you're doing fine.
  • I focus on helping you achieve your best. I may think your work is A+ standard, but I will still make suggestions for improvement. Do not make the mistake of interpreting the amount / kind / bluntness of any feedback as an indication you're failing or a personal reflection on you.

Unacceptable Drafts:
  • Reason 1 - I will return your draft if it is clearly not completed to the best of your ability. Picking up errors you could pick up yourself is a waste of my time and yours.
  • Reason 2 - It is a second draft and you have sent it within 24 hours of me returning the previous draft.
  • Reason 3 - It is a second draft and you have clearly not applied all of the feedback and/or done more of your own work.
  • Reason 4 - Your draft is more than 20% over the maximum limit. No point drafting it, as by the time you make the necessary cuts your work will be significantly different.
If your draft being returned for any of the above reasons means the draft due date gets passed, you will have to accept that consequence without argument. The process has been clearly outlined to you.