Folio - Short Film

Support Materials
Step 1: Choose a short film. Eg Vincent by Tim Burton

Some short film ideas:

Step 2: Research any in film references to ensure you understand intertextuality:

Step 3: Research any background information you need:

Step 4: Conduct an in depth analysis of the film and define an essay task:
Film Techniques
Blank Note Taking Sheet

Example Note Taking Sheet
Notes about defining an essay task:

Lesson on vague sentences and conclusions:

Everyman - There is a nice summary of everyman in a googleanswer to the question, 'Why do war novels use the everyman device?' This answer was mainly derived from the wikipage on everyman. Basically everyman is a literary device which means that the story, and protagonist(s), speak to a common human experience to which everyone can identify. The author is usually trying to demonstrate something about humanity or explore a moral through this device. At times the 'everyman' is in situations every one of us could find themselves (eg Winston Smith in 1984), and sometimes they are in extraordinary circumstances but they are the representation of the average person and how they would react in that situation (eg Arthur Dent in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy).
Here are some notes on essay structure I made for last year's class:
And some more general notes:

Here are some tips based on drafts received: