Drama Response-The Long Way Home

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Wednesday Week 1 Tips

Rhys Harrison's (St John's student from last year) article about ANZAC Day.

A few pre show notes from the media:
Original version, upon which The Long Way Home is based here.
Explanation of the purpose of the play here.
Official opening here.
Interstate review here.
Another interstate review here.

Reviews from shows in Adelaide:
The Adelaide Review review.

General Background on Afghanistan War
Deaths and injuries that occurred, in a timeline.

Research - Just a beginning as an example of the kind of research you can do.
This is an American online news source, but focuses on PTSD and rehabilitation:
Wood, D. (2012, May 7). Iraq, Afghanistan War Veterans Struggle With Combat Trauma. The Huffington Post. Retrieved from

This is a critical opinion piece about the proposed remembrance day for Afghanistan war veterans:
Loewenstein, A. (2014, March 5). Australia at war: how should we, as a nation, remember the fallen and living? The Guardian. Retrieved from

An American longitudinal study on mental health issues for soldiers from recent wars:
Nasveld, P., Cotea, C., Pullman, S., & Pietrak, E. (2012). Effects of deployment on mental health in modern military forces: A review of longitudinal studies. Journal of Military and Veteran's Health. 20(3) Retrieved from