To persuade
Task will be given on the day, and you will complete it in exam conditions within 90 minutes. You may type or handwrite.

Support Materials
Here is a list of rhetorical devices you can use to increase the persuasiveness of your work:

Here The Living Room Candidate you can look at American presidential election campaigns advertisements to your heart's content. The further back in time you go the more obvious the persuasive techniques are. I'll start you in 1988 (which you'll see why if you've seen Donnie Darko).

Here is the video version of the Sorry speech by Kevin Rudd:

Here is a video by The Wilderness Society persuading people to value river systems and the Tasmanian Giant Fresh Water Lobster:

Hortatory arguments - definition, structure, and language features:
Nominalisation lecture
Here are some criticisms of nominalisation, which will help clarify what it is, highlight some of the benefits, and show you why I warn you not to overuse this technique. News article that shows incorrect usage of nominalisation.

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